Ohisalo, Maria. Laihiala, Tuomo. Kahma, Nina. Kouvo, Antti. Saari, Juho. (2017)

Levels of Subjective well-being (SWB) vary across European welfare states. The paper examines subjective well-being of the so-called hard-to-survey populations, in this case recipients of charity food aid, in the capitals of Finland, Greece and Lithuania. The unique dataset is collected in 2013–2014 at charity food aid distribution points in Helsinki district (N=600), Athens (N=500) and Vilnius (N=558). The article has two main objectives. First, we aim to draw a comprehensive picture of SWB among the recipients of food aid in the three capitals. Second, we examine how age, education, gender, living alone, employment and housing are associated with life satisfaction, the perceived standard of living, as well as subjective physical and mental health.