Hannu Väisänen

My name is Hannu and I am a 30 year old high school senior from Eira High School for Adults. The hub of my habitat revolves around the urban neighbourhoods of Helsinki:  Kurvi, Kallio and Eira.

This body of work depicts the everyday life of an adult high school student in the year 2016. The leading character of these images is myself. The most important events of the year for me were my matriculation examinations, and when an old friend of mine asked me to be the godfather of his baby girl.

Because half of my waking hours I spend sitting at my desk studying, I like to walk as much as possible. I dream of a healthy and functioning environment, a city in which, while walking around, you could take a rest in a hammock. What I’m afraid of, is that in the future, the opportunities to study and fulfill one’s dreams might become increasingly inequal.