Images of Everyday Life

ten perspectives on the finnish reality


Ten Finnish photographers — both professionals and amateurs — living in different parts of the country, documented their everyday lives from February to December 2016. The images produced during this 11-month period depict the various parallel realities that coexist in Finland today. The images show the everyday lives of people from different social classes: small scale entrepreneurs, long term unemployed, middle class families – and  portray both the emptying Finnish countryside and life in the streets of the growing capital, Helsinki.

The Images of Everyday Life -project is exceptional in it's scale. The almost 400 photographs produced by the year long workshop show Finnish life in it’s full variety: in the images we can see people’s homes and homelessness, success and loss, loneliness and companionship, birth and death.

The workshop was organized by the Photographic Artists' Association and it is a part of a large research project run by the University of Eastern Finland. The objective of the research has been – by combining social sciences, journalism and photographic art – to illuminate inequality in the 2010s Finland. The photographs produced during the Images of Everyday Life -project will be part of the archive of the Finnish Museum of Photography.

The project has been funded with support from by Kone Foundation.