These themes are connected to each other by analyzing social distances within different groups of people. The project produces a general view of the current state of society based on the three perspectives mentioned above.

During the project, researchers have worked together with journalists to generate sociopolitical conclusions. The project will utilize online news media, population samples, samples gathered among the disadvantaged (breadline customers and substance abusers) together with documentary photographs from the everyday lives of people from different backgrounds.

The project, executed in 2015–2017, is run by the University of Eastern Finland (UEF). Together with social scientists it involves two freelance journalists and the other participating institutions are Diaconia University of Applied Sciences, Photographic Artists' Association and the Finnish Museum of Photography.

The media partners involved in the project are the news medias Helsingin Sanomat, Kotimaa, Savon Sanomat (together with several provincial news papers), and Helsinki Deaconess Institute.

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