Mikko Waltari

In my twenties, I started studying medicine. After two years I ran away. I ended up in the Soviet Union, which soon became Russia.  After eleven years of adventures, one divorce and nine years of working as a traveling salesman in Lithuania, I returned to Finland. For the following two years I drove a taxi in Helsinki and got to wonder the nocturnal life in the city. Suddenly, in 2011, I was startled by the death of my father. I needed something more meaningful in my life. I went back to Lithuania and applied to the Vilnius Academy of Arts.

In this series I have photographed my own life as an adult student in Vilnius, maintaining the old wooden house I live in with my wife, and our garden.  I have also photographed the everyday life of my grown-up child Arja, who lives in Rinnekoti, a home for mentally disabled adults.  Thirteen years ago Arja was disabled after a massive bleeding in the brain. In my series I have also documented the lives and destinies of my Finnish friends and relatives, all of them are in their fifties or a bit under, not quite young anymore, not yet old.